Als het hier beter, het is
nog beter op uw locatie!

1. Haal je eigen faixas voor 49,99 € (verzendkosten inbegrepen).
2. Kies uw faixas hieronder
3. Bestellen bij
4. Maak een foto waar je bent.
5. Stuur het naar 
Kidnap Your Designer
6. Wordt een deel van de volgende tentoonstelling!

A project open to everyone
for a traveling exhibition

After this first series of photos taken by ourselves, we're giving the possiblity to any visitor to be part of the next exhibition by getting their personal faixas. We're counting on you to find the right spot to strech out the banner and take THE picture. You can be sure that we are thrilled each time we receive a good one!
As you can guess this exhibition is meant to travel, so we're looking forward to growing the quantities of pictures shown but also the diversity of places better than here.